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Cement Silos factory welded


The aggregate and cement silo in proven STANELLE quality made of sheet steel for the storage of cement and other dry bulk materials with a maximum bulk density of 1400 kg/m³. As far as transport permits, the silos are manufactured in one piece and welded tightly. Equipped with loading and transport eyes, inspection opening NW 500, as well as welding frame or welding opening for a Stanelle type SDAK 150 overpressure/vacuum flap in the silo roof and on the silo cylinder a filling line DN100, up to height outlet flange, hot-dip galvanised, with fixed coupling type A and a STANELLE filling bend type FLOW BOW®. The basic equipment includes a crushing cone inside the cone and a water-repellent ring outside the cone.


9.1 Silos factory welded

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